Use These 3 Simple Steps To Begin A Transition To Your Own Business

The world had 937 billionaires to its credit in 2010, according to Forbes. That’s a pretty small club, and you have to imagine that the top 10 richest people would have a few things in common, besides their wealth that is. In fact, they do.

So here’s what I just did as I was writing this article. I ran two searches. One for the term “millionaire” and one for the term “billionaire.” I found it mind boggling that there were roughly 6.76 million search results for “billionaire” compared to a whopping 16 million results for “millionaire!” But after taking a moment to think about why such a discrepancy exists, it all makes sense.

I know I sound terribly cynical. I am not saying that the pledge is a bad idea, that Richest people in the world should not decide to give, or that people should not sign the pledge. I am saying that it really will not have any great impact on giving in general and will have an even lesser impact on your particular charity.

Ask yourself “Why do I want this amount of money, or that car, or this home, etc.?” until you get to the root reason. Don’t let yourself off the hook until you discover what happened to make you want your desire.

They are aware that it is the short term wins that ultimately give them the grand success. They will test before moving full scale. They will view short term defeat Youngest Billionaires as a learning experience.

You also know that if they won a million dollars in cash, they would continue doing what they are doing, only they would do more of it, do it better, differently or somewhere else. However, they love and enjoy their work so much you know they wouldn’t even think of leaving it or retiring.

I suggest that you do some research and find your millionaires or billionaires that will guide you to your success. Who knows, maybe he or she is just a click away on the Internet…