Tax Tips For The Home-Based Business Owner

The very word accountant has a tendency to bring to mind someone who is furiously working a 10 key and scribbling numbers on a legal pad. However, there is much more to this profession and it’s one of the hottest career choices. The reason? At some point, most people will need the services of accountants. This includes those who can handle the needs of businesses and individuals – and those that can provide outstanding customer service too.

The documents you write form the voice of your brand. When someone reads your documents, their subconscious conducts a reality check on the claims your organisation makes about itself–claims about being, say, “innovative” and “client-focused”.

(5) Get a coach. A personal coach can really bring out what you cannot see in yourself while a business coach can look at your business from a neutral place and give you ideas and strategies to build your business bigger or faster than you ever thought possible.

Make a viral video and publish it on the internet. It shouldn’t be a high resolution video for internet purposes as many South Africans do not have the speed to cope with such videos. Film yourself on your home camcorder talking about who you are and what you do. Mention your services in your video. People are more likely to watch your video and listen to you then.

If you know how to sing or play an instrument, brand yourself as “The Singing Accountant” (for example) and I guarantee you’ll attract all the cabarets, bands, karaoke bars and the like as clients. Once you have them as clients, the people that go there will likely need a professional to handle their numbers and advise them on their personal and business finances.

Company / Organisation – must be the name you do business as. Don’t include any additional details here such as city or town names and don’t include any keywords unless they are part of your actual business name, e.g. Joseph Bloggs Accountants Stoke Newington Ltd.

Business Planning. Accountants are involved in many types of business and see them at all stages, from start-ups to long established corporations. Because of this they are able to bring a wealth of experience to look ahead at how your business could develop, and provide guidance on how to manage your financial growth.

So these Manchester Accountants do know what they are talking about after all. We do need the bean counters! I guess that is why they call accounting the language of business. Do not get dumbstruck.