Picking Wine For The Picky

One of life’s little treasures is being able to engage in wine tastings at home. While you can go to the supermarket everyday or have your affluent friends buy the wines for your wine tastings, it is much easier and enjoyable to start your own collection. Many people think that collecting wine is an expensive hobby. Collecting can be an expensive hobby, but there are many ways to start a collection on a budget. Here is my gift to you: 5 tips on how to start and maintain your own wine collection.

Never ever over-feed your goldfish. Goldfish do not know anything about their dietary needs. They will eat whatever you provide within a few minutes. They can eat until they drop dead. Moreover, you must also remove any food residue left in the water or it may rot and give rise to bacteria formation.

The next morning, fresh off a great breakfast and a spirited hike in Giant City State Park, we headed off to begin our wine exploration for the weekend with a stop at Owl Creek Vineyard. Immediately, we learned why the Shawnee Hills Region is ideal for wine travelers.

The color was a straw color, darker than most. KD thought the wine had a little more steel taste on the palate. This wine was not over filtered and still had some visible particles in the wine. I detected a little more toast on the palate with apple a medium dry finish with medium acidity. I thought this wine was good and would Grossiste en vin fran├žais it again. You can find it for about $20.00 and is one of the better French wines we have had in this price range.

Such as the how the vineyard is being manage, the type of soil, how much sun exposure does the plants have, the altitude of the place etc. Since France produces good quality of wine many connoisseur of wine buys French wine to add to their collection.

My first pairing of this wine involved a combination of honey garlic and paprika coated barbecued chicken thighs with the skin on, chicken fat-roasted potatoes that melt in your mouth, and Moroccan carrots. The wine refreshingly cut the fat with its mild acidity. The dominant fruit was black cherries. This Beaujolais became more powerful and acidic when dealing with the spicy carrots.

Here are some of the basic items that you will find inside a French gift basket but take note that not all gifts basket has the same items inside so before you buy them know what’s inside the basket before purchasing one.

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