Mindset – Who Holds The Key To Success?

You’ve heard people talk about millionaires and then in the dot com era of the 1990’s we had to get acclimatized to billionaires. Overnight billionaires. Now the talk is about trillions of dollars. Trillions. You hear it on the news as if it were a concept you understand. You nod your head knowingly, but do you really know what a trillion means?

And so it was eagerly that I awaited the stories of five attendees at a recent Roaring Women Dinner Meeting who were scheduled to speak about how they had become successful. I had asked each of them to tell their stories of success at a meeting – so that the ‘little secrets’ that exist within our peers could be revealed.

Here’s what happens in most cases. They convince themselves. Well let me not say; that they convince themselves. Let me say; that they allow themselves to be convinced and then they believe. They believe what they see, wouldn’t you? If it’s right in front of your face every single day, how can you not believe, right? Nevertheless what they see and what they believe is just not always the truth, well at least not my truth and it’s not the truth of many self made millionaires and yes Youngest Billionaires In The World.

I think it shows only that if we want to preserve robber baron estates, we need some robber barons to live in them. Or at least some very rich descendants of robber barons. I know you are thinking of Paris Hilton. But her grandfather, Conrad Hilton, was not a true robber baron; in any case, there is not enough of her to go around.

They are aware that it is the short term wins that ultimately give them the grand success. They will test before moving full scale. They will view short term defeat Youngest Billionaires as a learning experience.

… this election was foretold. It was preordained, my friends. Ever since I started paying attention to politics about ten years ago, the less jaded liberals have been saying that the GOP always wallows in fearmongering and coded racism, pandering to homophobic white Christian suburbanites because it gets them 51% of the vote. But there would come a time, an inevitable time when that strategy would no longer work, because it will only appeal to 48% of the population.

I suggest that you do some research and find your millionaires or billionaires that will guide you to your success. Who knows, maybe he or she is just a click away on the Internet…