I Got The Music In Me, And You?

If you spend your entire day at a computer, you might need a little help to focus on your tasks. I have found that one of the best ways for me to keep focused and stay fresh is to listen to music. It helps to relieve the boredom of mundane tasks and it can actually help me avoid other outside distractions.

“Sleepdriving” is driving slowly. In the chorus, there’s a repetition of the lyrics where Mat sings after the backing vocals by the rest of Grand Archives. It’s like a trailing way of singing and the effect of it is quite significant, creating an echoic wall of sound. When the break comes along, violin can be heard as Mat sings in little phrases. And as the end draws closer, the whole song got louder and the whole Grand Archives join in the fun and sing along side Mat. What this track has is the quality of a slow burner, which is like “Run” of Snow Patrol. It’ll burn you up slowly, and of course softly.

Regardless of where you want it on your profile (you can also add a separate Music tab if you want), you can easily search for, and add music and artists to your profile!

I realize that I am probably very much in the minority, but I think we are being abused by having so few places where we can be without being forced to listen to some sort of music. I would love for it to be something special.

You will be surprised to know how your brain responds to brain beats. Before that, I will explain why music is played as sneaky background music during workouts.

Musicians And Bands – If your a musician or in a band and are creating a website about your work, then it would only be reasonable to have some of your songs playing in the background.

If you choose to transfer you home movies onto a computer hard drive (as quicktime or avi files), then do not add background music. This is because the bulk of customers who transfer their 8mm, super 8 or VHS films onto a PC HD do so in order to edit the videos. The purpose of editing can be to trim out some sections, add titles or transactions. At that point, you can add background music of your choice.