How Do You Begin Writing A Novel? Secrets From The Trade

There are a lot of people out there who have the basic premises or idea for any sort of novel (in this case a romantic level), but are just not able to execute it for they cannot decide about how to begin and from where to begin. Well, look no further as here a few tips that can help you in writing a romantic novel.

The first important step is to focus yourself on your theme. If you are writing a romance novel, the theme most likely will be love. Your approach to love should be positive. Otherwise, you will be writing fiction that you don’t believe in. At this stage, where you begin in your first appointment is just thinking and perhaps jotting down notes.

I’m already through several chapters of the course, and was a bit hesitant about the advice Mr. Parnell gives about creating characters before we plot our story. He was right, though. I did what he said and wrote at least a page of description for 6 different characters. When I was finished, I knew what they looked like, who their friends were, how many family members they had, where they went to school, what their hopes and dreams were, and whether or not they had any odd quirks that might make them stand out from other people.

Give thought to every unresolved situation that is ongoing in the book, the conflict or obstruction for your main character and every problem that exists for each minor character. Remember that we have talked before about every character having at least one problem, even if not earth-shattering. Each of those problems must be resolved in some manner or those are the loose ends that will damage your book. They are what will generate negative thoughts in your reader’s mind and may even translate into negative reviews or comments to friends. That is the last thing you want. Don’t let a badly written, poorly designed conclusion destroy your remarried empress chapter 1. It doesn’t always, but it can. It definitely will diminish it.

I decided to make my book a detective story and to write in first person never leaving the eyes and ears of my protagonist. I wrote profiles of my characters, looking for images in magazines and such that suited me. I even made some sketches. I wrote a biography for each major character.

First, recognize that (a) you have a better chance of selling or continuing to sell if you stick to safer, “tried-and-true” genres; and (b) these books must be especially strong. Then keep the following points in mind about the story itself.

Writing a novel might take blood, sweat and tears, but the sense of satisfaction will overcome all these conflicts. It is that total unknown person that comes up to you and recognizes your name and says your book made a difference in their lives. And there is just nothing that compares to this feeling. Even today’s most popular novelists were rejected multiple times before signing their first deal. Keep trying!