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Mention young entrepreneurs and many folks will conjure up visions of the neighborhood kid mowing lawns or selling lemonade on a hot summer day. This story is about two very young kids selling pumpkins in Lewiston, Idaho (population 30,000), selling them until the tax man showed up. A few days ago an employee from the Idaho State Tax Commission ordered a 4 year old boy and his 6 year old brother to shut down their pumpkin stand.

When we did a car wash fundraiser across town he went to the city and complained about these kids polluting. He could not complain about us, we were helping for free. The wash water run-off never made it to a storm drain as it flowed into the grass. But that did not stop him from shutting down the operation and immediately the code enforcement the next day came to our business and started going through the book looking for something to get us on? As you know CA is always like WA, MA, MD and FL first to implement environmental legislation and CA is the worst state to do business in with all their over regulation on everything from ridiculous arbetsr├Ątt to fines for ascetics.

Here is a great time management concept: Every time you say “YES” to something in your life, you are saying “NO” to everything else. Similarly every time you say YES to someone in your life you are saying NO best labor laws to everyone else.

Not much has really changed for us. In the model laws things have been shifted around. The current OHS regulations are being replaced by WHS regulations. All the information is still there, just relocated and nothing has been lost.

But, America, much like Israel, began a slow descent into disobedience and unbelief. What started as a slow, gradual process is now a very slippery slope. Like a water slide at Six Flags, we are plummeting into rebellion and defiance against the God who blessed us.

Putting your monetization strategy aside you absolutely must start with your prospect, your customer and build a business around them. When I say build a business I am talking about building a website…not for yourself and your needs but for your prospects and theirs.

Of course, not only did it hurt U.S. workers, it opened the door to massive abuse of labor abroad. Hungry for jobs, foreign governments courted American producers at the expense of their own people. And, now, as we all know, the majority of products that we buy are made in China or other Asian and Latin American countries. To keep costs low these nations have few laws protecting their workers and little in the way of environmental rules or product safety standards. We all know the old adage; “what goes around, comes around.” So here we are, dead pets, poison in our foods and now lead in our children’s toys.

Once you start your blog, you can figure out many ways to keep it filled with interesting content. Your blog can be as interesting and individualistic as you are. There are really no laws when it comes to a blog. This is why so many online marketers find their blogs to be a labor of love. Don’t think of it as work, but as a chance to express your ideas and thoughts to the world! You can get started on creating your blog as soon as you finish reading this sentence!