Five Ways To Get Listed In Google

Google is perhaps the pre-eminent search engine on the internet today. Most websites get their traffic from Google referrals, so it’s no wonder that anyone with a website would want to get indexed by Google. However, a website may be live and around for several months without once appearing on Google’s list.

Business profiles are a great way to boost a client’s web site traffic. Google Indexing service will rank biz profiles along with the company’s web site, which means you can potentially dominate a larger chunk of first page results by creating profiles on web sites like Yelp and Hotfrog.

On how to stop this service you will need to click the start menu button found in the lower left part of your screen. Once you do that then click computer. You should enter Windows Explorer and be able to see your hard drive(s), any floppy and/or CD/DVD ROM drive(s) among others. Right click your hard drive ( you may have more than one and this needs to be done to each ) and click the properties option at the bottom of the pop up. On this pop up you will see a check box that has “Index this drive for faster searching”. Uncheck this box and click apply. This can take a while, but is worth it. While you are on this page you can run disk cleanup to help with stuffed hard drives. This to can take a long time, but will help in long run.

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Many bloggers Submit URLs to Google their posts to social bookmarking sites like reddit or Digg. This is great for a few hit and run visits most of the time, but these links don’t have any lasting factors. A great way to get relevant links is by finding newsgroups that are catered specifically to your niche. Submitting your link to a news group gives you a more permanent link that brings targeted traffic in as well as producing lasting results.

Once you have a web presence you need to start to communicate with your potential customers, one way to do that is to use a newsletters, this can then be send via email, RSS, or social networks to get it to your reader.

Patience is needed. Take your time and if done right, within a year or even 9 months you may see top 10 rankings in major search engines. Keywords, website editing, link building and social networking are all very important. Keep track of how your website is doing and monitor progress. Add content or change content as well on a monthly basis. You will be amazed.