Falling Interest Rates – Advice For Savers

For months, we have been saying that investors should stay away from government and investment grade bonds. When cash rich companies like, IBM, Microsoft, Pepsi, Walmart, and McDonald’s can issue debt at yields near or below 1% for 3 years, you have to question the intelligence of the bond market. Finally, this December, it seems as if we got the correction that we have been looking for.

Additionally, commodities began to move up, especially oil. As a result, gas prices increased to around $2.50 per gallon. In California, they have moved up to 2.95%. Leave it to California. Earlier in the week, California got the A-OK to put even more stringent standards on the books. That is not going to help California’s recovery. Now, CAs big budget fight is spilling over to issuing IOUs.

Who will have authority over the funds? Local and state politicians whose prior management of the area is suspect to say the least? The federal government? An independent agency? Who?

While this makes it easy for you to find Lost funds recovery, it also is easy for your competition to find them. Worse yet, when you alert the owner to the fact that they have missing money, all they have to do is go to that website and find out where it is for themselves – and pay you nothing. Obviously, to be profitable, you have to find a way to be able to keep your sources secret.

In 1637 that time Tulip bulbs were considered a form of currency. One day in November of 1637 someone decided that Tulips had a lot of value and that created frenzy on the right to buy tulip bulbs. Tulipmania was officially on. The people of the time bid Tulip contracts up 200x their October 1637 contract value hoping to get in on the insanity.

In about half of the states in the U.S., that overage money goes straight into the county general funds if the taxes aren’t paid off. Yes, that means the county agency keeps the money, and the owner is sadly out of luck. In the rest of the states, the owner at least has a chance – the county will hold the funds for a specified period of time for the owner to come in to claim, but then it, too, will escheat right into that county general fund.

You don’t have the power to take addiction away from your loved one, but you do have the power to give him a good push toward help. You can get educated on addiction, talk to doctors, and find a good treatment program. Once you’re ready, you can gather family and friends together and hold an intervention. You can give him an ultimatum.

There is a growing interest in bad check recovery, both for individual and businesses. Even school corporations and nonprofit organizations are now investigating bad check recovery services to collect bad checks. Before any business or organization signs on with a bad check recovery service they should find out answers to some key questions. If the questions are not answered on the check recovery service’s web site, request the information by phone or e-mail.