Entrepreneurs – Getting Your Plumbing And Heating Business Better Known

Do you really need an emergency plumber? If you are building a swimming pool, you probably don’t, but if the inside of your house starts to imitate a swimming pool, you most probably do.

Just because the title of plumber is not as prestigious as that of a doctor or lawyer, doesn’t mean that you don’t need special education. You will need to complete high school, take up a math, science or shop course if you may possible take it. Vocational courses are helpful such as plumbing and blueprint reading.

Plumbing problems left unattended may eventually cause some serious collateral damage to your home. Water can leak through a ceiling, creating unsightly stains or even a hole. Pipes that have been properly winterized by a Plumber Atlanta are less likely to burst during cold weather, saving you possible costly home flooding repairs and restoration. And let’s not even talk about the kind of damage caused by a backed-up toilet or septic tank.

When starting in this profession, the apprentice is learning while getting paid. This is why they are called plumber’s helpers and this is the starting rate of around $18,000 per year. After learning the basics and getting to the point where they do not need much supervision, they become a plumber helper. The pay rate can increase to $25,000 a year. This averages out from $9 to $12 per hour.

The rise of the internet means there are review sites on just about everything, plumbers included. Spend some time online and see what information you can dig up. You may also like to research costs at the same time. There are also several sites now that allow you to post a job online and to have several tradesmen contact you. This is a good option also, and saves you the trouble of getting a heap of quotes.

Keep in mind that the plumber’s experience is very important and normally reflects the quality of his work. Skills and abilities are usually a result of past experiences. Therefore, the more experienced plumbers are usually the best plumbers…as long as they still have a passion for their job.

When you see what is considered an average salary for a plumber in the U.S. it will be about $27,000 per year. However, this is based on all plumbers. The apprentice may only earn $18,000 per year while a Master Plumber can earn around $47,000 per year. To keep things clear, look at the salaries in the range of $20, $30, and $40,000 and up per year.

Keep in mind these numbers are based on a person working 40 hours a week. As such, the base rate is what this is considered. If you work more than 40 hours, overtime will apply which will end up being more income. If you do not work 40 hours a week, your pay will be less. The money earned as a plumber is based upon how much you work and the services performed.