Dog Food Recalls – When Making Your Own Dog Food Makes Sense!

The homemade dog food report is for those who truly love their dogs and want their canines to be healthy and vibrant. Do you love your dog/dogs? If the answer is yes then the dog owner secret guide written by Andrew Lewis is a must for you. Discover what commercial dog foods are doing to your beloved canine. Any one that loves their dog really needs to become familiar with the ingredients that go into commercial dog food in order to make knowledgeable decisions as to what they are feeding their dogs.

There are three main types of dog food that can be purchases. Dry dog food (Kibble) can be purchased in small, medium and large amounts. Kibble is high in carbohydrates, with oil sprayed on to help keep it moist. This oil adds protein to the dry food. The dry food can be made up of several ingredients, but the main portion is some type of vegetable meal.

Don’t fall into the old marketing scheme that dogs should only eat Dog food Processing line. Not true at all. In fact, they do their best to confuse and misdirect the consumer. The truth is, you have a host of different scenarios you can avail yourself of. Such as a commercial natural ingredient, organic, raw, frozen, freeze dried or a combination of these foods. It doesn’t matter whether you purchase pre packaged foods that are specially formulated for a dogs nutritional needs, or if you produce your own meals using the proper ingredients. This I will also teach you.

We should all take time to learn about what actually goes into commercial foods. Some contain food that is not safe for humans to consume – things like meat from diseased animals. Just about anything that can be ground up into a paste can be put into animal food. I wouldn’t feed my dog a dead squirrel off the road, but the Pet food extruder food companies can add it to the foods they have rendered and then processed. An old joke used to be that dog food contains whatever can be scraped off of the foundry floor. Seriously?

Make sure the dog food has a wide range of minerals for complete nutrition. As with essential fatty acids, the body does not produce minerals so they must be introduced in the diet. Again the better food manufacturers understand the importance of trace elements in a dogs’ diet in the right amounts.

A vet named Dr. Jane Bicks created holistic canned dog food with the belief the food’s ingredients need to serve a purpose along with using only natural ingredients makes the dog’s food more healthy and if advanced nutrition is used, a dog will be healthier and have a longer life expectancy.

So we settled on a good quality grain and starch free food and feed him raw every chance we get. That way he gets the best of the best and we are assured he is getting all the basic nutrients without lots of costly supplements.