Bag Boy Golf Carts – The Original Pull Cart

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When you land in a bunker beside the green you would ideally still want to get into the hole within 2 shots. If you do it is considered a sand save and is recorded as a yes. If you land in a greenside bunker but take 3 or more shots to get into the hole then a no is recorded. If you do not land in a greenside bunker you record a no-score.

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He not only won the Quail Hollow Championship by closing with a 62, he tied for third at the British Open and the PGA Championship. McIlroy tied a major Golf Tour championship record at St. Andrews when he shot 63 in the first round.

Distance: these golf balls are usually a two-piece construction made from a solid core and covered by a firm material called Surlyn. With the combined firmness of the cover and core of these golf balls provide the distance required as well as the durability. Although these balls don’t spin that much and less spin means less control. These golf balls are the ball of choice for the more “general” golfer such as you and me who need more distance as we haven’t yet developed the skill needed for the control of spin golf balls such as the Titleist PTS carry.

As far as I know, this is the best and most reliable technique to improve your green reading without breaking the golf rules. With it you get a clearer picture of your putting zone in every situation. But don’t forget that your objective is to sink the next putt, not to get a topographic image of the green. Provided you know how to use all the information you gathered, a nice putt is on the way. Otherwise, it will have been a waste of time. So, if the results don’t show, I’m sure it’s time to read Golf Putting Lines Ebook and discover the pleasure of making good breaking putts. It was one of my objectives when I wrote it.