Army Jobs For The Tough Minded

The latest release of film super star Rajnikant’s movie Robot has taken the box office by storm. This Mahrashtrian superstar who stars in Tamil films has an appeal that transcends gender, race and state. Rajnikant even at the ripe age of 64 storms the silver screen like a tornado. In fact his role and demeanour would do credit to younger actors. But there is no denying the fact that Rajnikant is a superstar who cannot be matched by any other Indian star on the screen. He also the highest paid as well.

A word about Milkha’s performance at the 1960 Rome Olympics will not be out-of-place. He was entered in the 400m and was the favorite to win the gold. In all the heats before the final he qualified easily and the day dawned as Milkha took the field in the finals of the 400m run. No Indian man before and after him has ever entered the final six of a sprint event in the Olympics other than Milkha Singh.

After some gentle questioning and harmless sharing, I learnt that he had retired from the EME branch of the join Army Admit Card. He bought his auto from the retirement bonus. It was only ten days new and he had retired no more than a month ago. He said if he’d had to stay home and do nothing, he’d have become sick. “Hum armywalon ko chain se bethna aata hi nahin hai” (Us Army fellas can’t sit idle). With the remainder of the bonus he bought a flat on lease. Basically he was all set, and driving the auto around the city was a way for him to pass time. “Barah hazaar rupaiye toh pension milta hain” (My monthly pension is Rs. 12,000/-). There I heard it, that contentment most go crazy for.

The battle lasted six hours and the Afghan Muslims lost over 1000 dead. Ishwar Singh ordered his soldiers to defend Saragarhi at any cost. He was aware that in case Saragarhi was captured the situation at Fort Lockhart would be disastrous and the resultant control of the British over this region (NWFP) would be greatly weakened. The battle continued for 6 hours and repeated charges of the Afghan were repelled. However with ammunition running low and causalities mounting the Afghans finally managed to break through & capture the post.

In October 1862 Tewodros II, emperor of Ethiopia, sent a letter to Queen Victoria asking for an alliance. The letter was Join Indian Army ignored by the British government. As there was no reply from the British government, the Ethiopian emperor imprisoned some Europeans and he British envoy in anger. This led to the expedition.

Rajiv Gandhi. He was the elder brother of Sanjay Gandhi and after his death was inducted into the Congress party. He was initially reluctant to enter politics, but later relented and was prime minister from 1984-89.

Another big dilemma is the dispute of Water with India. According to the report of Pakistan Water Council, “India will complete 40 dams on river Jhelum and Chenab till 2015. Out of which 4 large dams and 16 small have become operational. India is building world’s 3rd largest dam Kargill on river Sindh and also a water tunnel that is now working and taking 45% water of river Sindh. India has completed Baglihar dam on river Chenab and it is working.” India has decided to make Pakistan desert and nation on the knees without firing a single bullet till 2015. And the other hand we are not starting the Kala Bagh dam yet. We and our Government are sleeping. We should play our role for the survival of Pakistan because 2015 is not so far. Wake up our nation, wake up!!